For this collection, I started out by doing research on the Comme Des Garçons (CDG) brand. I did this by putting together a mood board as I furthered my findings. I did this in order to determine my color scheme, materials, and the manner by which I wanted to portray this brand in my own way. I did a lot of sketches for this collection but ultimately narrowed it down to these five accessories (below) which I ultimately ended up making physically.
Complete in under 15 weeks, this collection led me through relatively all the stages of development for a real industry collection. The trend research (of the brand, the current times, colors, materials), the process of design: the initial sketches, followed by the process of elimination (in order to decide which accessories would be most effective). And then the fabrication of the maquettes, the prototypes, and finally the final pieces. All of this, before being able to artistically represent the accessories within a photoshoot that emulates the Comme des Garcons brand.
This collection could not have possibly been so well represented without the help of the model and photographer. (For names and contact information, please see below):
Model: Grace Davison 
    Instagram: @graceclairee
Photographer: Brendan Brooks
    Instagram: @tenbrism
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